Becoming a Resident

Becoming A Resident

Prospective residents can seek placement at The Hartman House through inquiry or referral from their care professional. After careful review, motivation and appropriateness of the prospective resident is assessed. Ongoing contact with future residents is maintained to coordinate transport, and a smooth transition to The Hartman House.

Careful consideration of residents’ goals and objectives is given upon initial interview. Adherence to continuing care planning is crucial, therefore contact with the referring agency, along with resident family members (when appropriate), is maintained.

Life at The Hartman House

The Hartman House includes the support necessary for men in early recovery. A healthy and honest community is fostered through guidelines supporting a recovering lifestyle. Residents attend a weekly Recovery Support Group, weekly community meetings, receive a membership to the gym, and receive individualized vocational guidance.

Residents must attend and participate in a 12 Step program. Regular meeting attendance is required. Residents are monitored and guidelines are strictly enforced.

The Hartman Houses are located in South Palm Beach County, Florida. Each home houses four to six residents.

The Hartman House provides an atmosphere that affords men the opportunity to build a foundation for continued recovery. While residing at The Hartman House, men are introduced to and gain the necessary skills to lead a healthy and independent life.
The Hartman House surrounds the resident with an atmosphere of stability, through a peer supportive environment conducive to overcoming the compulsive nature of Substance Use Disorders.

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